Friday, February 22, 2013

Diner Style Breakfast

Don't you ever just want to have one of those diner style breakfasts but don't want to leave the house? Well, that was me last weekend. I was craving the typical bacon, eggs and hashbrowns comfort food breakfast that I normally would get at my local hole-in-the-wall divey-diner but did not want to take off my warm fuzzy slippers. I know, we see people walking around Walmart and/or the gas station in their PJ's and slippers all the time, but who wants to look at mine?

Not this girl. So I told hubby to get comfy while I whipped up breakfast. First need to start frying up the not so heart healthy hash browns. Hubby likes his cooked to a crisp. He says they are hash BROWNS not hash BEIGES.
Here are his hash BROWNS frying up nice and potato chip crisp. I personally call them hash BURNS and cooked mine nice and BEIGE in a separate pan so they had some taste to them.
The biggest dilemma that morning was "what kind of bacon do I use?" I recently won a Des Moines bacon prize pack from a blog giveaway and I had quite the selection; maple, hardwood smoked, Italian herb and chipotle. This is one time I had as many varieties of bacon as I do mustard's. I chose the maple variety for my diner breakfast.  
After the bacon was done, I popped in my eggs. I like mine over easy, hubby likes his cooked to death or over hard. I sprinkle a generous amount of pepper on mine while they are frying. No salt. After all SOMETHING has to be healthy about this since there was not any fruit in sight.
The end result; a not-so-heart healthy breakfast that is probably healthier then eating at the actual diner since as the cook, I controlled just how much oil was used.

What is your favorite divey-diner breakfast? Let me know by commenting below.

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