Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Holiday Season

What a wonderful holiday season! Our Church Calvary Chapel SLC ( puts on an amazing Christmas program. They had several members in a choir as well as a man telling the story of Jesus to his daughter. Our Worship Band played a bunch of different songs too. What fun that was!!

Mark and I spent our Christmas Day in Park City, UT enjoying the snow (but boy was it cold!) and having an incredible dinner at Adolph's Restaurant ( Adolph's is a Park City staple but we had never been there before. We had their special Surf N Turf and an appetizer of Bunderfleish, a traditonal Swiss dish. The steak was perfection on a plate! Most tender and juicy and full of flavor. The lobster tail was mouth watering! YUM.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!!
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