Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mexican Food Gem in Spokane, WA

I recently had to travel to Spokane, WA and I found a GEM of a Mexican restaurant. I was staying at the Econo-Lodge and it was in an area near the airport that really has nothing around it but some hotels. I asked the desk clerk about dinner options and she directed me to Fiesta Charra 2.

It was directly across the street next to Motel 6. I saw it when I drove up to my lodge and thought it was some dive bar. It was a peachy pink building with no windows and a lit up neon Dos Exxis sign in the only tiny window on the side of the building. I was a bit skeptical since it didn't appear to even be a restaurant, but there was no other place to eat (except for hotel vending machines) anywhere nearby.

When I walked in, it was a bit dark. You enter into the bar then beyond is the restaurant. I was the only person there since it was a Sunday night and the nearby hotels were near deserted. The hostess was very pleasant and brought me chips and salsa right away. The menu is extensive. It's not just your enchilada and burrito type place. I ordered the Camerones Mexicana and I was NOT disappointed. The shrimp were large and sauteed in garlic, mushrooms tomatoes and cilantro. It came with rice and beans and a small lettuce and tomato salad in the middle of the plate. The shrimp were very good, not overcooked and full of flavor. The beans and rice were good too. The price was very reasonable.

After dinner she brought me a little dessert; ice cream on a large tortilla. Just the right amount for me since I'm not much of a dessert person.

If you are ever in Spokane, I highly recommend a visit here.

Fiesta Charra 2

1520 S Rustle Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
(509) 835-5605

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