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Make Your Own Candy Giveaway!!!!

Make your own candy
I was so stoked to have the opportunity to review a candy kit from Glee Gum. I do not eat a lot of sweet,s but I do get a hankering (did I just type hankering??) for gummy bears and similar candy on occasion. Glee Gum has a variety of candy kits and chewing gum available on  their website that is sure to please anyone. 

From their website:
Glee Gum is natural chewing gum made without preservatives, artificial flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners (no aspartame). It is also the only gum on the market that contains chicle in its gum base. And using chicle helps sustain the rain forest!

Glee Gum does not contain any of the eight major food allergens: milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, or soybeans. All six flavors of regular Glee Gum contain glucose derived from corn, which may not be safe for individuals with corn allergies. Sugar-Free Glee Gum is corn-free. Also, though all Glee Gum is soy-free, other products containing soy lecithin are processed in the same facility. For a full list of ingredients and nutrition facts, click here. If you have any additional questions related to allergens, please email us at

Currently, we carry Tangerine, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Bubblegum, Triple Berry, Sugar-Free Refresh-Mint and Sugar-Free Lemon-Lime flavors! We are hoping to add even more soon— possibly Cranberry, Ginger Peach, or Licorice. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your own ideas for new flavors! 
My Thoughts:
When I told my husband Mark the Gummies Kit used seaweed, he first said "eewww" but then I explained how you boil it down to extract the carrageenan. He was OK with that afterwards.
The process of making the gummies was simple. First, we soaked the seaweed in water.  Then, we mixed the powdered seaweed with a 1/2 cup water. We added the seaweed and microwaved the mixture for two minutes on high heat. As we looked into the microwave you can see the mix bubble up and become gelatinous. 

We removed the seaweed, eliminating Mark's "eeww" factor (although it did look like an alien baby), and added the flavor packet. It came out a purple color and smelled like grape. We microwaved this for another minute. 

Since the kit does not include candy molds, I had purchased a gel candy mold at WalMart that is shaped like little people. I poured the liquid into the molds and realized you need to move quickly because it gels pretty fast. We then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. 

Mark couldn't wait that long and helped "clean" the measuring cup we used to mix it all in.  Cleaning for Mark = eating spoonfuls!!

After the 10 minutes were up, I popped the little men out of the molds. A gel mold makes that process very easy since you basically turn them inside out. I placed them in a zip lock with half the sour mix and some sugar and coated the little guys. Both my hubby and I thought the gummies turned out well. They looked nice and held their shape, although I probably would have left them in the fridge an extra 5 minutes.  I'm a big fan of other gummy candies and I thought these had a good subtle flavor. The texture was a bit softer then a gummy bear, more like those soft wedge jelly's you find at candy stores, which I really liked.

I think these kits would make great gifts and also be something fun to do at children's birthday parties or other gatherings. It's a fun activity for kids of all ages (with some supervision)... even us adults. 

You can buy Make Your Own Candy Kits from Glee Gum online. Each kit retails for $13.95, or you can purchase all three normally for $41.85. However, GleeGum currently has a holiday special – all 3 kits for $29.30 – 30% off! Wow! Although these kits are primarily sold online, they are sold in some stores. Check out the store locater page on GleeGum's website.  I was elated to find these kits sold in three stores near my workplace. YAY!!

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