Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Coupons and Living Social

I try to share with you coupons and such that I receive in my email. I also want to share with you different offers that I would use myself. So, today I have a whole bunch of goodies for you all!!!

First let me start off by talking about Living Social. Hubby signed up for it quite a while ago and we have used it for some rad deals. Did I just say rad? Wow... I guess I need to grab a cup of coffee before I open the laptop. LivingSocial is the local marketplace to buy and share the best things to do in your city. And the possibilities for the kids are endless!! There are different offers daily from cooking classes, to sky-diving (yeah, like I'll do that, lol) and other unique things like gourmet dinners to family aquarium outings and more. During the summer, I took a class on whole grains that was amazing and we just bought a cooking class for two. The value is worth it and I think you would benefit. Go check it out by clicking on the image below. You'll find lots of family fun for less.  I'm a HUGE fan!!!
Family Fun Activities

That all being said, here are some coupons for today. I've already printed my favorites for this weeks shopping. If you can't find what you are looking for, head on over to Coupons.com. They have tons!

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