Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Rollie Eggmaster Review

Easy Eggs
Have you heard of the Rollie? This unique egg (and bread and more..) cooker is off the charts! It is easy, it is not at all messy and your eggs are ready quickly.

To use it just spray the inside with a spritz of cooking spray and plug it in. When the green light is on, you're ready to rock and roll.  Here it is as I just dropped two eggs in with a couple of chunks of cheddar cheese. The cooking process has begun!
Easy Eggs
After it's been cooking a bit, the eggs expand and they begin to rise out of the tube. It's actually very interesting to watch this process.
Easy Eggs
At this point, the eggs are done and they are rising out of the tube quickly. You need to grab it and get it on a plate so it doesn't flop out of the cooker. The instructions say it takes about 8 minutes to fully cook, so I set a timer for 5 minutes, went about my other breakfast business then when the timer went off, I was there to see the grand finale.
Easy Eggs
Here are the eggs on a plate
Easy Eggs
These are hubby's eggs. He likes his fully cooked with no runny yolk in the center. These eggs were cooked the full 8 minutes.
Easy Eggs
Here are my eggs. They cooked for approximately 5.5-6 minutes and the yolks are just the way I like them.
Easy Eggs
I think the eggs came out great, and it was a fun cooking process to boot. I can see using the tube eggs as a filler for a breakfast burrito. They stay together and you don't have egg bits falling out of the bottom of the tortilla. I also see this as a great mid-day snack for the kids. Just pop the eggs in, wait 8 minutes and they're done. You can cut the tube in half or thirds depending on how much you want to snack on.

My eggs tasted fresh and delicious. Hubby said his tasted "spongy" but I reminded him that he cooks his eggs in bacon grease 99% of the time so he's probably not used to non-bacony eggs.

The Rollie isn't just for eggs. You can make some pretty good tasting bread sticks, snacks and a mini burrito. I used it to make a Rollie Burger. I took 1/4 of 85/15 hamburger and added garlic, some A-1 sauce and some basil goat cheese. Then I formed it into a round meatball shaped burger, then rolled it out into a tube. I heated up my Rollie and when the green light came on, I dropped my tube of beef in and used the packing tool to press it down. It cooked for approximately 7 minutes and I poured it out. 

Looks like a breakfast sausage on steroids. And it was cooked all the way through and the goat cheese gave it nice flavor.
Easy Eggs
If you're going to make a Rollie Burger with this, I suggest using 90/10 or 95/5 hamburger meat to avoid any excess grease. Since this isn't a grill where the grease runs off, you want to have it cooking in as little grease as possible. I also suggest when you pour it out, that you do so on a paper towel to catch any juices. 

The Rollie came with a recipe guide to inspire you to great ideas and there are more ideas online on their video recipe guide. In all it's pretty cool. And clean up is a breeze; a little warm water, a drop of dish soap and voila...... clean up done! 

So are you just as "Egg"-cited as I am about this new kitchen gadget? You can connect with Kalorik and Rollie the following ways:
Shop Online. Click this link to purchase your Rollie now
Follow Kalorik on their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter
Follow Rollie on Facebook Page and follow on Twitter

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