Friday, August 2, 2013

Juicy Stuffed Burgers, Two Ways

Burger Recipe
Nothing says summertime like outdoor grilling. Well, maybe swimming pools, fresh watermelon, school break and vactions do too. For me, it's out of the kitchen (for the most part) and onto the patio for some outdoor cooking that is one of the indicators for summer. Here in Utah, we just recorded the hottest July on record since they started keeping track in 1874. We had many days in the 100's and at one point, endured a whole week straight of just that.... 100+ temps. Wow. That's HOT!

Last week was another scorcher so it was back to the grill for me. It was burger night and I've seen so many pictures on Pinterest of burgers with the cheese inside rather then outside. What an awesome concept since many times when you're grilling, the cheese melts and you wind up with more on the grill then on your burger. I hate that, don't you?

Here is my recipe for the "outside-in burger." One nice thing here is that both hubby and I put our favorites inside our burger and made it uniquely our own.

Here are the ingredients for mine
Basil Goat Cheese
Meat mixed with Hamburger Seasoning, A-1 Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce
Burger Recipe

Here are the ingredients for Hubby's
PreCooked Bacon
Cheddar Cheese
Onion and Garlic cooked in the bacon grease
Salt and Pepper in the meat

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In each case, place your ingredients in the center of a flattened patty. Take another piece and place it on top and pinch the side together to enclose your goodies. In our case, we each had a finsihed half pound burger so each bottom patty and each top were 1/4 pound.  Since they both looked the same once closed, I put a little piece of goat cheese on top so I knew which burger was which.
Burger Recipe
Grill on the barbecue on medium to high heat until done. I like mine just about medium, no red in the center but cooked and juicy. I sliced mine open and here is what you get: cheese, mushrooms and spinach goodness all stuffed inside so no ingredients get lost on the grill.
 This is Hubby's burger and no it's not part of a crime scene… he just likes a lot of catsup!
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