Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hand Stamped Necklace Win

I won an Eternity Circle stamped necklace from a blog contest and it arrived on Monday. Gorgeous is a word to describe it. Classy is another. It's a lightly textured sterling silver circle I had inscribed with my name and my husbands. The two crystals represent our birthstones. This necklace is a gem!

Here is a photo:

As you can see, the script of our names is crystal clear and the colors of the crystals are sharp. It came with an 18" silver chain. You have your choice of script and can add up to three crystals.

You can order one for yourself here -

The giveaway was hosted by Cathy at Uncommon Lifestyle. You can check out her blog here:

Thanks again to Cathy at Uncommon Lifestyle and Cisco at Stamped Under the Moon for a wonderful giveaway and most beautiful necklace.

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