Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 lbs down... many to go

Started the whole weight loss journey again. I actually started over a month ago, but have been knocked out by a couple of nasty colds and now a "female" issue which is preventing me from hitting the gym. I've been eating right and including lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Unfortunatley, the doc diagnosed me with high blood pressure so now I'm on a low sodium diet. Oh. Joy. The second he told me that, I was craving Wendy's fries, lol.

There are lots of online resources for dieting out there but by far my two favorites are Dottie's Weight Loss Zone and Livestrong/MyPlate. I use both to track my food intake and to track calories/fat when I eat out. The links are:

I joined The Legacy Center Rec Center in my town and they offer lots of exercise options; weights, cardio, classes, an indoor track and an amazing aquatic center with an olympic sized lap pool. It's also less expensive then those 'big box' gyms too. The best part is it's not a pick-up gym many singles go to. There are families and it's a very relaxed environment.

So far, I've dropped 2 lbs!! WAHOO!!!!!
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