Monday, February 25, 2013

Pork.... It's what's for dinner!

I think Pork has been given a bad rap. Think of the nickname porky, usually referred to in a negative light. But, Pork can be healthy if cooked right and have the fat trimmed off. 

Many people are unsure of ways to cook pork, whether on the grill, oven or in a slow cooker. But have no fear, it's actually quite simple. Some recipes have just a few ingredients, others are more complex and require a lot of time and patience. A pork shank recipe can call for 4 ingredients or 20 depending on what you want to do with it.  That's where WikiTalks comes in. 

I found quite a number of pork recipes and a pork shank recipe that I think is ideal for a the upcoming Easter holiday.  This recipe is for the appetizer course and I was thinking it would be a nice start to your traditional Easter dinner.  A couple of cool things about this recipe are the easy steps and the fact you can serve it hot or cold. It's a one pot recipe that includes carrots and onions for taste and color.  This is one more pork dish I can add to my culinary arsenal. 

I've never used a multi cooker and quite frankly do not know much about it. I googled it and found it has functions for stew, steaming and slow cooking and has similarities to a pressure cooker.  I think a slow cooker is a great substitute although it does make cooking time a bit longer.  However any recipe that calls for one pot cooking is always OK in my book. 

WikiTalks is a great family friendly sharing site that can show you how to's on a variety of recipes, crafts and a large amount of ideas for just about anything. Plus, they have an amazing quantity and quality of recipes, just up my alley. Do you want to find a recipe? A how to on beauty routines? Then this site is for you.

I need to find a good way to build my immune system. I think I'll head on over and see what I can find.

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