Monday, August 12, 2013

MyRecipeMagic ROCKS!!

Have you heard of MyRecipeMagic yet? Do you see that little chef hat on my sidebar to the right?  Yes, that one right there in the cute pink box. MyRecipeMagic is a recipe site started by the ladies from Six Sister’s Stuff and it is robust with features. You don’t just load a recipe, pictures and a description and be done with it, you can link up other recipes, get nutrition content, create cook books and make money.

What??!!?? Shut the Front Door!!!! …….. Did she just say make money?

Yep that’s right!! Along with a whole host of additional features, you can make money when people view your recipes and you can load as many as you want. Have just five? Load 5. Have more like 500, load ‘em all up.

Is MyRecipeMagic exclusively for food bloggers? Not at all. This site is for everyone who wants to share their recipes! If you are a food blogger, then MyRecipeMagic helps in so many ways. It creates backlinks to your site which increases your SEO… and we all want that!  It also drives traffic back to your site by having people click over for recipe directions, additional photos and to even check out what else you have to offer.  You can even be listed as a “Featured Chef” which will give you more exposure to some of the best food bloggers in the MyRecipeMagic community.

It’s truly simple to use and add your recipes. I can get one loaded on and include links to similar recipes in less then 5 minutes, depending on how wordy I get and how many photos I link up. 
Just submit the title, description, ingredients, directions and your photos and it’s ready to go. The rest of the work is done by MyRecipeMagic and when the recipe is published, it will include all the nutritional information and a Pin it button so you can pin it to your favorite food board on Pinterest.
I’m sure you’re asking right now “Just how much money can I make on this site?” Well, the answer is simple. They estimate that you will make about $3 per recipe per month (as long as you do a little promoting). So, if you put in 25 recipes, that is an extra $75 for you each month. The recipe will never be removed so you can make money off of it for your whole life!!!  And, the money making opportunity is not just for food bloggers, it is for EVERYONE who adds their recipes to the site.
How it works is you submit your delicious recipe onto, promote it by sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and any other social media site you love to use, and earn money! has a "Magic" button you can add to your blog to that will direct your readers to your recipe on I add mine just below the list of ingredients and say “For nutritional information, click the magic button.” The more your recipe is liked, shared, and viewed you more money you make! The money is made by shared ad revenues on
Are you ready to head on over and see it all for yourself? Go for it! For all you recipe lovers you will see nutrition information, “points values.” You can create cookbooks, search recipes based on specific ingredients, meal, holiday and more. You can also create menu’s and shopping lists based on the recipe you want to make. Pretty cool isn’t it?
New to the site is Reward Points! What a bonus treat!!! The more you use by sharing, liking, and submitting recipes, you earn points that can be redeemed for online gift cards and entries for giveaways! You can earn up to 1,000 points a day!  There are new rewards added weekly to keep coming back!.
To get started using MyRecipeMagic you need to sign up as a chef. Once you create an account you're ready to start uploading your recipes and you don't need to be a computer genius to do it either. The recipe loving people at MyRecipeMagic will verify each recipe so there are no duplicates on the site. Once your recipe is published to the page you will receive an e-mail letting you know it's on the site. It’s really that easy.

I love this site and so will you. Giovanni (the chef pictured above) will walk you through the whole process. He has a great video to help. You'll be as hooked as I am! 

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