Thursday, June 20, 2013

@TheBlogWorkshop: Where Blogging Meets Business… and so much more.

Whether you are a blogger or a vlogger, The Blog Workshop is for you. Packed full of useful information, tips, how-tos, training, an annual conference and so much more, these folks will take your blog to a new level. The cool thing is it is all online, so no worries about what to wear.... you can attend classes and workshops in your jammies eating bon bons if you want!

The Blog Workshop is being organized by lifestyle blogger Da Vinci, founder of As a veteran blogger of almost 6 years professionally and 10 years of blogging all together, Da Vinci has been able to witness the blogging phenomenon grow, evolve and flourish. With that growth Da Vinci has been able to cultivate a trusted audience of readers, fans, followers and supporters. Your Life After 25 is receiving on average 300,000+ monthly visitors with over 1,500,000 impressions/page views a month.

I don't know about you, but 300,000+ monthly visitors would cause me a perma-grin and drive hubby crazy with my happy dance. Getting excited yet? Ready to learn more?

Through TBW's various workshops, annual conference and community, they are working hard to facilitate blogging education and help bridge the gap between influencers, brands, PR professionals and more. Some of the upcoming workshops include Surviving SEO on June 26, 2013 and Blogging Laws You SHOULD know on July 24, 2013. Surviving SEO is a small cost of $25 and it's well worth it, however if you use code TBWSEO5, you can get $5 off!!!

Here is a description of the upcoming workshop:
SEO is constantly developing and changing, keeping up can be quite hard. The Blog Workshop understands the importance of keeping your SEO knowledge sharp so we’re doing a workshop dedicated to Surviving SEO. For this workshop Dan Morris will go over the ins and outs of the ever changing SEO and provide you with tips and tricks you can apply to your blogging. Our workshops will be 1 hour; 45 mins of learning and 15 mins of question and answer. Grab those notebooks and get ready to fill them with more info.

Click the video below for even more information.
I know you're asking yourself now…. "Where do I go to sign up?" Well, you can register for their community here.  You can register for the workshop here (don't forget the $5 off code!). The first time I logged on I was there for a couple of hours. There is so much information to absorb. You get access to a ton of information, can post in the forums and more. 

Now, let's talk about the TBW University. 
This is one more facet of TBW. The University has a 1 year program, "The Introductory Blogging Diploma" which consists of 4 semesters, each being 3 months long.  This course allows the blogger or vlogger to gain hands on experience and teaches all about establishing a successful blog. 

To connect and get updates, like TBW on Facebook or you can follow tweets on Twitter And check out their pins on Pinterest. Stay connected and get all the tips and information you can soak in to take your blog to new heights. 
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